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Crossroads Through Time Heritage Park

Conceptual Plan
Pueblo Community College – Fremont Campus

Crossroads Through Time Heritage ParkThe Pueblo Community College Fremont Campus “Crossroads Through Time Heritage Park” (CTT) provides a quality educational experience for all ages by encouraging an understanding and appreciation for the region’s rich paleontological, geological, and historical heritage. Its location is literally a crossroads where the planet’s and its inhabitants’ stories intersect, tying together the deep-time geological past to the history of the people and places of the Fremont County Region.

CTT goes beyond aiding students and visitors in understanding the area’s rich heritage. This project further enriches our community by being a connection with and destination point for the Riverwalk trail system.  A 2012 US Forest Service study showed that over half of those surveyed engage is some form of physical activity.  This park will help students, residents, and visitors stay active and healthy, while providing mental stimulation and encouraging learning.

Not only will the project aid in grasping the timing and duration of natural processes that have shaped the earth, as well as their implications for understanding climate change, it will also address environmental education and sustainability in an understandable manner for people of all ages. Built in a way that protects and enhances the environmental integrity of the site, the project will include natural and historically appropriate landscaping features that will attract the interest of gardening and birding enthusiasts.

As an educational focal point for campus students and K-12 field trips, a gateway for visitors, and a destination for those interested in paleontology, geology, and history, plus an opportunity for all to keep fit; Crossroads Through Time Heritage Park will embody and enhance the Fremont County community and region.

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