Long Necks – Long Tails

Fremont Elementary 2012We had some really long necked dinosaurs living in an environment that was very different from what we can see today but also had some similarities.   We had both meat eaters and plant eaters as we do today and some things were the same and some things were very different.   This program is under the direction of Dr. Mildred Wintz and it is both fun and very lively.  Dan Grenard, Mary Chamberlain, and Cindy Smith may assist with this presentation.

We have done variations of it for several schools in the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013 including Fremont Elementary, Penrose Elementary, Canon Exploratory School, Mountain View Core Knowledge, and Lincoln School of Science and Technology.

The focus of this presentation has been to do the following:

  • demonstrate that Canon City is an important location for the discovery of dinosaurs
  • think about the Jurassic and today’s environments and do some contrasts and comparisons
  • observe some of the similarities and differences between dinosaurs and modern animals
  • learn about one dinosaur called Diplodocus, what it ate and how it processed its food.  Compare its teeth with the teeth of a meat eating dinosaur of the same time period. We also think about the plants they ate and learn that some of the plants are still around today!
  • We can also discuss some of the tracks and traces that dinosaurs left behind

We have a large number of modern animal skulls, dinosaur skeleton replicas including a full sized diplodocus skull and a custom made replica of a vertebrate from a Diplodocus excavated by Dall DeWeese.

Please contact Mary Chamberlain at meschamberlain@gmail.com or 275-6733 if you would like to schedule this program.