Stones ’n Bones

Stones n Bones

Fremont County Stones ‘n Bones is an all-volunteer organization of geology and paleontology enthusiasts with a passion for studying Fremont County’s rich landscape and sharing knowledge and experiences. We work closely with the Fremont County Historical Society and in cooperation with BLM. We also cooperate with local cities and Fremont County, Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center, Western Interior Paleontological Society, Fremont County School districts, Pueblo Community College – Fremont Campus, Cañon City Geology Club, Dinosaur Ridge, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Hands on the Land and others interested in the area’s geology and paleontology.

Bridge Creek Interpretive Site

Interpreting the Western Interior Seaway in Cañon City

Two interpretive projects have been completed. The first project consists of two interpretive signs introducing the geology and paleontology present in the hogbacks.
Dennis Gertenbach

Ammonites and Their Cousins

Dennis’ passion is invertebrate fossils–collecting, identifying, and learning how fossils help us understand the earth in ancient times.

Seven year old Sola

Cañon City welcomed a seven-year-old visitor from Japan last week. Her name is Sola; she is completely bilingual and she is quite the naturalist.

Fossil Study Group

Today we were treated to an excellent Training Session on Corals by Loretta Bailey, who has been a long-time ammonite and baculite fossil collector
International Exposure

International Exposure

Stones 'n Bones, was delighted to be part of a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) filming experience on August 7, 2016 at Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience
Stones 'n' Bones

Stones 'n' Bones Fossil Boot Camp

Fremont Stones 'n Bones presented Fossil Boot Camp to seniors at the mini-college at the Pueblo Community College - Fremont Campus (PCC) on March 22, 2016

Current Projects

Current projects include:

– Crossroads Through Time Heritage Park at the PCC – Fremont Campus
– Greenhorn Limestone/Bridge Creek project in the Hogbacks Open Space

Individuals interested in further information or providing monetary or in kind support for various projects and programs may contact Cindy Smith to discuss specific interests at .